Friday, June 17, 2016



The other day a White-tailed doe was hanging around in the heifer pasture right behind the house. I mentioned her to the crew...... I thought she was going to drop a fawn out there. She was as round as a bowling ball and acting like a cow getting ready to have a calf, all creepy and hidey.

This morning when Mackie-boy and I first went out there she was, walking cumbersome through grass nearly high as her head.

Behind her lolloped a little shadow of herself, barely able to navigate, and having to hop high in the air to get through the tangled stems.

Sure enough. I think she laid him....or her.....or them....down behind the trees on the lower ridge as they never emerged to my sight after going in there. I guess it's about as safe a place as she could choose, right in sight of the house and with the old cows there to scare off the yotes.

The things we see for only the price of watching.


Rev. Paul said...

Wonderful! And isn't it sad how many could see, but can't be bothered?

Jan said...

I would do more looking if I could see something like this.

Terry and Linda said...

What a wonderful thing to see!


Cathy said...

Your world - once again . . . . we can only dream of.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, what a loss that could be! I treasure our surroundings and enjoy them every day.

Jan, on one hand the deer are awful pests, what with ticks and garden depredations. On the other hand they are delightful and funny. I am going to be watching for this girl....she was there just at dusk last night.

Cathy, yours is pretty spectacular as well, what with the naughty Barn Swallows and frisky foxes and all. lol