Monday, June 20, 2016


 The Solstice is my kind of day. The summer one that is. The only good thing about the winter one is that the days start getting longer....far too slowly.

This full moon day, it was light enough to see outside at 4 when I got up...Good thing too, because I practically tripped over a deer....eating my beets dagnabbit. 

............Mikie B, I hope you are reading this!

I was worried about my folks, who lost power last night due to a tree down on wires. When they have no electricity they have neither water, nor cooking, nor cooling abilities and I was concerned about their safety and comfort.

Turns out it came back on at 11 last night but still.

We are all making the most of this lovely long day.

The boss went down for gas for the Massey really early and we unloaded the two loads of hay that he had baled, then he baled another and we threw that off too. Then a hydraulic line on the baler the tune of $78 bucks..... so he is debating whether to make one out of hose or buy one. As of a couple of hours ago the rest of the hay wasn't ready yet anyhow.....alas, since it is going to rain.

The kids are out getting some ground ready to plant. I suppose I had better collect up the tomato plants and get out there but we are enjoying orange floats right now and I kinda want to savor mine.

 A whole bunch of Red-eyed Vireos flying cool is that?


Jan said...

I would love to have more long days with a lot of light like this one.

A. Montgomery said...

Sorry you were worried but I went to bed before it came back on. I would have thought you were sleeping anyway and wouldn't have called you. Are the strawberries ripe yet?

Terry and Linda said...

It's my kind of day also! 15 hours of daylight! It's hot here 104* yesterday and we are heading to 106* today. I don't winter all to pieces!


ellie k said...

My daughter has a. Generator hooked into to her house electric, when the electric is off for a set number of minutes the generator kicks on by it's self. It was a little expensive but piece of mind might be worth it if they wanted to spend the money or if the electric goes off a lot. Our goes off on a regular basis. I would like to have a small one to keep the major things running.

Tanui said...
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threecollie said...

Jan, same here. I can hardly stand it that the sun is done moving north on the eastern horizon....

Mom, no problem, and I was asleep so thanks. I believe strawberries are ripe, just haven't had time to go pick. I sure do want to though. Love you!

Linda, yow, that's hot! I don' think we have gotten much above ninety and that is more than hot enough for me.

Ellie, we have a big one for the farm, but my folks don't. It's a good idea!