Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Things you See

The cottonwoods are spawning many fluffy seed floats that they drove me in from the sitting porch last night. I couldn't breath without drawing in a snoot full. They feel like cat hair.

Out of focus shoals along the driveway

However, before I gave up on the pleasantry of the breeze, I got to observe a flock of goldfinches slipping in silently (can you imagine QUIET goldfinches!!!) and nibbling with great dedication on cottonwood seeds. 

Every little while they would lean over to scrub the resulting fluff off their beaks.

Who knew that anything ate those pesky seeds? I sure didn't. The warblers love that tree as well, and peruse it for insects all day long.

Trapped in the spikes of a blooming Orchard Grass plant

I know it is going to have to be cut down in the next couple of years, as it volunteered right in the Y of the driveway, where in a bit it will impact vehicle traffic....but for now, I like it.

How very glad we are that the Black Walnut tree does not distribute
its seeds in the same manner


Terry and Linda said...

Cotton is flying here also! Loved the peak into your world.


Cathy said...

I understand your enchantment :)

threecollie said...

Linda, on one hand I love it! On the other

Cathy, cool stuff.