Thursday, July 21, 2016


The garlic is dug and drying. I planted a lot less this year, as even with giving it away a lot dried up before we could use it last season. We fertilized mid-winter with the cleanings from the bunny coops...
I highly recommend same. I always had great gardens back in the day when I had 75 rabbits in a rabbitry, and it still works as good as ever.

Pulled all the first crop lettuce for the hens and will plant more today or tomorrow.

Beans are blooming madly, despite woodchuck depredations. I need to get into that garden in the next day or so....after I finally get unpacked from camp that is.

Birds have gone nearly silent, although the Carolina Wrens are whistling up a storm. . Warblers migrate pretty darned early. Saw one Yellow Warbler yesterday and there are lots of Common Yellowthroats around yet.

Chickadees brought the kids in yesterday morning, going over the Winesap tree with fine-toothed What a commotion they made! I hadn't been feeding, but filled my Jonna feeder with enough seeds to entertain them. They obliged by visiting within minutes. They must watch in the ingress and egress of folks here, as the feeders can be empty for they have been...and within mere moments after seed is applied, they are back.

Last night the house was full of mosquitoes! It was terrible! We discovered that the front screen had all but disintegrated around the edges, so the boss and I repaired it this morning. Didn't make the mama robin who has a brood on one porch pillar terribly happy, but she's over it now.

Hell Wagon is finally fixed after much expense and many days. Darned thing. Three loads of hay yesterday, so I guess it's working.

Last, but not least, Finbar seems to be feeling better...enough better to be chock full of naughty, jumping on people and chewing things and being a normal little Border Collie. I am so grateful. I had no idea how much I missed having a BC until we brought one home. I hope at some point I can let him and Mack play together, but for now Mack is so much bigger and so darned rough I fear harm. Did I mention that I keep buying this dog toys? I am not too much of a dog toy buying sort.....but.....he likes them.....


Jan said...

So cute. I could change my mind about having a puppy. Or I could just enjoy yours

Denny Gross said...

Looks like a typical pup who would rather eat your shoes that any dog toy you buy.

threecollie said...

Jan, yeah, vicarious puppy love has its benefits. Yesterday he gave me fits all afternoon and evening, and I barely slept all night. I had to give him some special wormer and his tummy hurt. All better now, but i could use some sleep. lol

Denny, yeah, seems as if they all like shoes better than anything on the market. I have no problem remembering to put mine in the other room, but there is still no shortage for his chewing enjoyment. And Mack still likes them too. lol

Terry and Linda said...

WHAT a cute, cute pup! I miss having a BC or a BC mix myself. Boy do I miss it.


threecollie said...

Linda he is a pip! We are really enjoying him.