Friday, July 22, 2016


Some stuff of Grandma Peggy's and mine. 

You'd never know it,  what with the way I took to farming like a Mallard to a puddle, but my brothers and I grew up running back and forth between an antique shop and a book store that sat side by side over in Fonda....gone now to the match of some arsonists a few years ago. 

The folks moved away from there long ago but many of my early memories were of reading the real Tarzan...... in the book store and cajoling things from inventory from the folks. We had pocket knives of all sorts back in those days. I still have nifty thingamabobs that were parts of old chandeliers and a jet button with a dragon on it. Nickles for Popsicles were important then as well.

Things were very different then. The town simply bustled with antique dealers, among them the Morfords, father and son, with whom my folks often did business.

I sort of knew them...the way small children know grownup people who are far beyond their sphere of influence...and sometimes we kids went along when dad went to their stores. Of course we were often underfoot when they came into our store too...

I always thought of mom and dad's place as all one word...


The book store is Tryon County Books, since Mom and Dad are still in business

Anyhow, tomorrow there is going to be an auction down in the village of some of the Morford family heirlooms. Even if you are not in the area and can't attend, it would be worth your time to browse the photos in the auction brochure. Truly amazing things. Sure brought back memories of my distant kidhood! Scroll down the brochure page for photos of items.

I spent at least an hour looking at the merchandise this morning.

There will be another auction of another property in August.

Cool stuff there too.

This is my favorite thing so far. I almost wish I wasn't such a terrible hermit....



Jan said...

Growing up in a bookstore would be even better than growing up a few blocks from the library like I did. Did you know how lucky you were then?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just spent way-more-than an hour looking at stuff. For several years, there was a pair of cobalt vases in the window of the Fonda house. I really wanted them for my then civil war house, but I never saw anybody around that I could ask. And wouldn't you know, I couldn't find them in the photos, either.

Just as well. I sold most of my vase collection when I moved. No room anymore to fill with "stuff."

But thanks for the link. It was almost like going to an auction, and it didn't hurt my back. :)


threecollie said...

Jan, I had the best of both worlds, although I certainly didn't notice at the time. The village library was about five doors down the street....some of the kids' books I loved, such as The Green Poodles....are valuable today. I would love to reread them, but alas.... I did manage to track down a copy of the Davenports and Cherry Pie. Poodles were a hot item then I guess. I was less enamored of some of the stuff in the bookstore....Tarzan and Tom Swift were dated even then. I loved the Hardy Boys, but still don't like Nancy Drew. However, I discovered Roy Chapman Andrews and Osa Johnson and Walter D. Edmonds in the bookstore, and learned so much from them. I didn't think so at the time, but I was pretty fortunate growing up.

Jean, glad you enjoyed the links. I did too! I simply love that red lamp shade, but I am sure it will bring a good deal.

Cathy said...

I did enjoy the link to the auction. Fascinating. I wonder if the portraits were ancestors of the owners.
The box of Christmas ornaments made me homesick for places that no longer exist.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am not sure about the portraits, but I will have Ralph ask...I don't think so. I was tempted to go down, but I am such a hermit, and standing in the heat waiting...and waiting....I just couldn't. Ralph did for a while though

Cathy said...

I understand 'hermit'. Trust me.
As I age . . . for some reason . . old portraits like that grow more haunting.
I guess it's the passage of time thing.