Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just the Highlights

Lots of storms

And fish 


NumberWise said...

Wonderful! A few of your favorite things in photos. I thought of you this week, and I hope you had a restful and interesting week.

A. Montgomery said...

Looks like you had a wonderful week. So glad! Love, Mom

Jan said...

...and lots of cuteness.

Cathy said...

I second the above comments.
NumberWise's made me smile with: " A few of your favorite things . . "


Terry and Linda said...

Made me wish I was there!


threecollie said...

NW, it was busy and interesting indeed and at moments even restful. lol I love the lake no matter what, storms, you name it, I just enjoy it all. thanks for thinking of us!

Mom, thanks, we were so sorry you couldn't make it! Love you!

Jan, practically an overload of cuteness, especially the day all our grandbabies were there! Little swimmers, they loved the lake

Cathy, nearly forty years of dairy farming came after i was a kid and youth crazy about the woods and lakes and mountains. Full circle I guess, and although I miss the cows, I still love the outdoors.

Linda, oh, couldn't we have had a wonderful talk out on the porch over coffee and fishing! I wish you had been there too.