Monday, July 18, 2016

Of Course

All the man pants...the worky ones....are freshly hung on the clothesline. Finally, kinda, sorta, caught up on laundry, the third day home from camp. There are still towels, but there are always's a given with 7 people taking showers here. Some of them more often than others.

Cue the storm. Thunder rolls, rain begins. Ah, well, a nice fresh rinse, right?

We worried about taking Fin to camp, what with his new puppy immune system and all, and he thrived all week. Brought him home. Three days and he's sick. Fun to find a pet vet at this point. I had planned to take him to the place where he was vetted before we bought him, but they wouldn't see him until late tomorrow. Gee, thanks.

Took him up to Fort Plain where I used to take the old BCs back in the day. No concrete diagnosis, as diarrhea in puppies is a vague kind of thing, but he has some good medicines to be going on with. By way of explanation I do my own basic vaccines and take the dogs to our farm vet for rabies shots.

Hopefully he will be okay. I don't know that I have ever fallen so hard and fast for a dog. He is a good one.

Men are working on the hell wagon that has been broken for a couple of months. May it come apart quickly, be repaired cheaply, and go back together right. Pretty please.  And then a little hay weather would be nice. Although the state is under a drought advisory it has sure rained a bunch the past couple of weeks...

I should be working on the Farm Side, which will once again be appearing on Fridays. Fine with me. It ran on Fridays since 1998 and I never really got why it moved to Saturday. Whatever.....

And there you have it, all the news from the Monday after camp. Fit to print or otherwise.


Jan said...

Welcome home, hope the puppy diarrhea is short lived.

Anonymous said...

When I got my two puppies 3 years ago, one or the other had a bout of diarrhea constantly due to Giardia that they kept passing back and forth. I was spending a fortune on vet visits and inevitably, they only got sick at 9:00 on a Saturday night.. The vet finally took pity on me and gave me a big bottle of Endosorb and told me I didn't need to keep coming back unless the Endosorb wasn't working. It took a good 6 months before their tummies got to the point where they didn't get sick over the slightest thing.

Cathy said...

". . . I have ever fallen so hard and fast for a dog. "

Awwwww . . . . . Hope everything is ok soon.

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks, he seems to be improving quickly. I was quite impressed with the new vet we tried. She is a former farm kid who went to school with ours and does a good job, in a practical manner. I do love practical.

Anon, giardiasis was mentioned by our new vet, and she included a treatment for that in his regimen. He has been in the lake, although I have heard of no issues there this summer...or ever as far as that goes. Glad you got your pups straightened out! We went through a similar thing with Mike. He had whip worms, but it took four vets to discover the reason for his nearly deadly episodic diarrhea.

Cathy, we are all so fond of him! He seems to be on the mend, thankfully