Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Wrecked my "good" knee digging garlic. It is pretty bad and I am plumb crippled up. This has happened before...I borrowed a brace from Jade and in a couple of days it was fine. This time I am going to get my own I think.

Meanwhile it is all I can do to get dinner and walk the dogs, so not much is getting posted.

Thanks for your patience. 


Cathy said...

Oh my friend . . . . this aging business . . . this business of being 'body' . . can be so frustrating.
Thank you for continuing to share the beauty that surrounds you.

Jan said...

We've been there and felt that. Let nature do her work.

Terry and Linda said...

Rest, ice, rest...we will be here.


Carol said...

It is so hard to have knees act up during such a busy time of year. Hope you heal fast. Maybe a shot of cortisone would help.

threecollie said...

Cathy, yeah, it is a misery. I have always had bad knees alas, even as a teen. I am profoundly knock-kneed and that does not line structures up too well for function. Wrecked the right one in a crash with a drunk driver in my early twenties, so the left has always done most of the work. Not so much right now. I am grateful as all get out to all the good folks who are doing all my work and dog walking. I did manage to crawl out on the porch and water my flowers at least.

Jan, thanks, nature and all of the kind folks I live with. Thank God for all of them

Linda...I haven't tried ice, but maybe this afternoon. Thanks

Carol, thanks, this is sure a pain. Although there is some high comedy when I accidentally put a crutch down on a squeaky toy. lol

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh no! Not your KNEE!!! Boy, do you have my sympathy! See if your doctor will prescribe Voltaren Gel. It really helps my knee, which continues to throb painfully even more than a year after I broke it. I'm glad to know you are surrounded by loving helpmates.

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, thanks, it's nasty, but slowly improving. I have been very grateful for everyone's help...but I sure do wish that I didn't need it. I have been so faithfully walking every day for two years and now I simply can't. How I hate to lose that hard-earned level of fitness.