Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Restless Sky

Wood Duck

And a reckless one. 

Even after the big storm wreaked its havoc all over the region, devastating Pine Lake, and ruining vacations everywhere, lightning flickered and whined and tossed bright tantrums all night long.

Pied-billed Grebe

I was awakened once, when I happened to be facing the window, by brilliant red, as a flash so bright it shone right through my eyelids struck something west of the barns.

It was nasty and for many, no doubt terrifying. It hit fast and hard at the end of a day of utter misery from the heat and humidity. If I wanted to live in Louisiana I would move there.....

This photo, taken by Alan, could give you an idea of the density of birds in some places

We hit the swamp early in the morning, an amazingly rewarding time for birding, and saw so many it is going to take me a while to tabulate the list. Becky rode along and very generously served as secretary, which allowed me to see even more birds than usual. Funny how the population changes week to week. Not a Black Tern to be seen, but Common Gallinules abounded.

Peeps, but not of the shorebird kind

Then afternoon brought a family reunion. Everyone got together despite the weather for good food and good company. My knee was giving me fits and Al needed to get home and get some sleep, as he is off to DC for three weeks, so we left pretty early, but it was still a good deal. Four generations of aunts and uncles and cousins and kids....and my own folks too. How cool is that.

Alas, the stormy night did not bring even an ounce of relief from the nasty heat wave and there is none in sight. Can't get laundry dry, or hay either. And never mind webbed feet....I swear I even have webbed ears and eyelids.

Ah, well, I guess it will snow soon enough.


Cathy said...

I love family reunions. Even when some of the attendees are characters. Genes are so interesting.
As for the heat this summer . . .
I keep reminding myself that autumn is just a month or so away.
I hope your knee gets better soon.

Terry and Linda said...

Heat like that can bring horrid storms....some full of hail.

I hope you knee starts to heal, not being able to get around well is a sure drag.

Are you a candidate for a knee replacement?