Thursday, August 25, 2016

Alarming News

This was taken from the porch this May.
We have seen this and several other foxes many times since

This story is just one reason why I think it is a good idea to own, and understand clearly the safe use of, a firearm if you live where there is a population of wild animals...which is pretty much everywhere.

It happened just a couple of miles from here in the same town in which we reside. The kids even know the folks involved.

We have plenty of foxes, right here on the farm, as attested to by the attrition of chickens and guinea fowl if ever they get out of the coops.

Rabid Fox Bites Young Girl


Jan said...

Scary,gun control wackos never think about situations like this. It could have been much worse.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm with Jan..."GUN CONTROL WACKOS" never think about why you just MIGHT need a gun.


Cathy said...

OK. THAT is scary :(

Rev. Paul said...

Those WACKOS bemoan the rate of gun ownership in Alaska, and ask "Why oh why?" I always tell them that humans are not at the top of the food chain, here. We have a LOT of predators, many of which have four legs.

threecollie said...

Jan, I can't count the times we have really needed a firearm.

Linda yes, we have seen rabid animals right by the barn more than once in previous outbreaks.

Cathy, it is. Darn it.

Rev. Paul, wonder what they are thinking....oh, wait, of course....they aren't.

Carol Williams said...

Yes, I thought the foxes were so beautiful when we first moved to the farm. Now that my birds all have NAMES, that has all changed. I keep a radio going, there are security lights, and dogs, but still... I did shoot a fox about 6 months ago, and he is at the taxidermist now. And I don't feel a bit bad about it. He will be mounted in a sitting position, with a placard below that says in memory of.... and I will list all of the beautiful creatures he killed. And he will be forced to wear a Santa hat in December.

Very easy to sit in the city and judge what goes on in the country...

threecollie said...

Carol, I like the way you think! We have radio and lights too, and they help some, but not enough. I have heard so many accounts of people losing stock. The kids are in a lot of trading and auction groups on Facebook for purebred birds and eggs, and you constantly read of people losing whole flocks overnight.