Monday, August 15, 2016


It has rained.

A lot. 

Will it break the drought? Maybe. For sure there is no need to water the gardens.

The pup has caught his tail and is lying on the floor holding the wiggly white tip and looking at me as if to ask, "What do I do now?"

He has also decided to bring all the locust pods in the yard into the house. Do you know how many pods fall off an 80-ish foot tree in a high wind? A lot.

Other than that it is just August. Hazy, hot, and humid. Laundry won't dry, nor will hay. No sense even mowing because it is just going to get rained on.

Wal*Mart is sold out of fans...the guy said 178 went out the door in just a short time.

August has a schedule for us here at Northview that would drive some folks off cliffs. People go to work at three AM while other people come home from work at three AM. Or four. Or five. 

People come home in early afternoon, others leave a couple hours later...sometimes they pass each other in the driveway. People work in Massachusetts, in NYC and Washington DC, or just down the road in Fultonville. Or in the barn or up in the fields in the back of the land. There are people working every single day of the week, Sunday to Sunday, and all the days in between. It's like an anthill around here.

Somebody is always sleeping so they can go to work, or awake working, or getting ready to work. Instead of a pocket door in the bathroom, we need a revolving door.

I guess the common theme around here is that everybody works at something, be it building America, delivering the goods that keep her running, managing a restaurant, feeding critters, making hay, or if you are me, just watching them all whirl by like a carousel of hard workers, off to their various jobs. And doing laundry and housework and gardening....the easy stuff that is....oh, and bookkeeping too...the nasty stuff.


Jan said...

So you are sort of the queen bee managing the worker bees.

Terry and Linda said...

Sleeping in that big beautiful house would be full of dreams.


threecollie said...

Jan, I love the way you think!!! I've been looking for an

Linda, this is true in fact

A. Montgomery said...

Read and enjoyed. Love Mom

threecollie said...

Mom, thanks! Love you!