Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Diamond at the Fair

This is the pony-in-hand obstacle class at the Fonda Fair. Most of the ponies, ours included, had never been asked to side pass or pivot a circle with their feet in a hula hoop before. However, they all gave it a go....some with more success than others.

Diamond did us proud and came in third. The voices you hear are me shushing Peggy, Peggy singing, and the dairy judge in the other ring giving reasons.


Cathy said...

Oh wow.. How neat! Congratulations Diamond!

threecollie said...

Cathy, it was so funny. Obviously you can't see your own run, so if it seems slow and frustrating you believe that it was. Thus Liz took Di back to the barn, changed out of her show clothes, and was ready to head home, sure that she didn't place in the ribbons. I kept telling her that I thought that she had a pretty decent run. I knew she hadn't won, but I was pretty sure she was in the ribbons. Then the announcement came and she had to run back to the ring... You can bet I picked on her. Things look different from the rail though.