Monday, August 22, 2016

Fair Time


The fair is almost upon us, so one of the veterinarians from Midvale Veterinary Clinic, where we have done business longer than I have even been here, is here doing the "fair work". Getting legal for attending a show where many animals from many farms are all grouped together. This lovely young lady is great with the horses and does a good job with pups too.

Coggins, rabies vaccinations, ditto Potomac Fever are being done on the horse and the three ponies. We have heard that Potomac is really bad this year so everybody got an extra booster. Even if they aren't going to the show they need their protections......

And lucky me, the lovely young lady who is doing the work today had dog vaccines and medicines right on the truck.

Thus Fin got his rabies vaccination and his third distemper, lepto, etc. shot, plus some Frontline for the fleas that seem to have taken over his He saw fit to retaliate by peeing all over me during the rabies part of the deal.....

Ah, well, it's only laundry, right?

Meanwhile it is finally cool enough to feel lively again. I think I may be at least ten years younger than during recent weeks.


A. Montgomery said...

Dad is out mowing. I need to go to the store, but I don't want to leave while he is mowing. Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

It's acting like it wants to rain here...I hope it stays away!


Cathy said...

"Meanwhile it is finally cool enough to feel lively again."

It's a new world at 63 degrees! Heavenly!

threecollie said...

Mom, I would feel the same! Definitely a good idea to wait until he's done. Love you both!

Linda, ditto, we need some hay weather! I see that you are working on that new alfalfa. Hope you get it all right.

Cathy, bird walks every morning and afternoon! Air! Breathable air! Clear sunny skies, lots of early migrants. Saw a huge murmuration of starlings down over the river yesterday. Didn't see who was hunting them but what a sight to see! Life is livable and I am grateful.