Sunday, August 21, 2016


Been pushing the walking envelope the past few days. Made it all the way to the 30-acre Lot yesterday, although it took a very long time. Took a shorter walk this morning, but by golly I took one. Pedometer still doesn't register my careful little steps.


Everywhere you look there are signs that this is going to be a very short summer. Blue Jays are back in loud mode, yelling all day long. Haven't seen a Yellow Warbler or Redstart in a week or more....nor heard them either. Plenty of Common Yellowthroats around though. There were two cuddled up very cutely in a desiccated little shrub, preening in the early sun, right next to a House Wren doing the same.

Mixed flocks seem to be the norm now, another sign of impending change. While the boss and I talked next to the wood pile yesterday we saw that Dark-eyed Junco that is back early, more Common Yellowthroats, a couple of House Wrens and at least eight Carolina Wrens, all in one little feeding flock.

If you stand still you can hear yellow leaves falling all around anywhere there are trees. I suspect this may be a feature of the weather as much as the season, but it is a bit disconcerting. I am never ready....

It is threatening rain today and the boss has a load of hay ready to bale. Sure hope he gets it.

This impish little person is planning a tooth brush raid.
Found mine behind the toilet
and the boss's in the garbage wrapped up in noxious paper stuff.
Time for new ones I guess
And a functional gate for that door.


Terry and Linda said...

It feels like fall here also. Most of the song birds are gone, although I still have the darling little hummers. Love those things.


threecollie said...

Linda, only in the 60s today, but after the heat wave we have been having it feels great.