Friday, August 12, 2016

I look at all the green

....Green grass and swear that I will not complain about the heat and humidity. It will be cold and snowy soon enough.... I truly hate our winter desert of ice and misery. 

Taint easy though. Even the pup, who does not like the fan attall, attall, lies in front of it by the hour. This morning his usual rambunctious play has been limited to merely parading squeaky toys in front of Mack's kennel and squeaking the heck out of them. Mack doesn't even react. He came in from the outside about three minutes after I let him out too. Usually he is good for a nice, long hunt, but not in this weather.

I am stubborn though. This is the third year I have not run the air conditioner and I ain't a gonna do it this year either. I was tempted last night though. The heat bakes into the upstairs west-facing rooms in the afternoon about like the sun on the Serengeti. Guess where I sleep.....

I must bake today for a family reunion tomorrow. Liz ditto. Kitchen will prolly resemble the 6th circle of Hell before we're done.

Anyhow, have a good one. If you can.


WendyFromNY said...

But with the oven on, it will be a dry heat!

A. Montgomery said...

What are you going to bake?

Terry and Linda said...

Flash Fried People! That's what we get here. But like you I am NOT turning on the cooler.


threecollie said...

Wendy, I laughed right out loud at that. It was brutal!

Mom, butterscotch cookies. Love you

Linda, yup. It is nasty here and the storms last night were just awful.