Saturday, August 27, 2016


Chasing a Common Nighthawk

The clothesline is a good place. Good breezes, good birds, which are not afraid of me because they consider me part of the wind-tossed laundry, green trees, gorgeous skies.......I hate it when winter forces the laundry drying indoors. I always see something good out there every single day.

The birding is phenomenal there and yesterday was no exception. 


I was hanging up blankets contaminated by a teeny tiny leak in my waterbed. (Got to get one more small part and we will be remedying that situation.)

An absurdly loud series of calls came from the other side of the lilac bushes right next to me. It was loud enough that it spooked Diamond down by the barn where Liz was washing her for the fair next week.

Of course I looked up. Who wouldn't?

The sky from the clothesline

Right over my head flew a pair of Common Ravens. Talk about loud!

Not that they are rare or anything; we see at least a couple every year. However it was cool to know exactly what they were saying in such loud, raucous voices.

Thank you, Mr. Poe.


Jan said...

“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, "only this and nothing more.”

Terry and Linda said...

You made me smile!


Cathy said...

Great birding just hanging up the laundry.
Ravens would sure be rare in my neighborhood.
I'll see them . . . Nevermore.

(But I surely enjoy your account :)

threecollie said...

Jan, how I love knowing an English teacher. lol

Linda, my work is

Cathy, we see them about twice a year, but they seem to fly right over us when we do. Heading for the Dacks and coming back through I guess. They were LOUD! We heard them long before we saw them and so did Di.