Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Sheep Rustler

Safe back in his pen

A Sassenach reiver raced through the fold, fast as a candle, lamb in his hold.

Out he went at speed of the light and was gone o're the hillside and into the night.

Like any good shepherd I took my wee sheep dog, seeked out to find it and bring it home right.

It was cowering under the charcoal grill.

Yeah, every morning we have this little touse, wherein Mack steals a toy and tries to get out the door with it and I stand in the doorway and try to prevent same. He is young and terrier fast and thinks it's the funniest thing since Steve Martin. I think I want to get started on writing before everybody else gets up and don't much enjoy playing keep away in the kitchen door.

This time I gave up and just let him go. It was only one of the toy lambies.

At least it wasn't the light-up squeaky ball. Everybody likes to make off with that, even Peggy.

Fin and I went out to find it after Mack was in for his breakfast. It has surely seen better days.


Jan said...

Matching wits with a pup is a good way to start your day.

A. Montgomery said...

Missed your posts. Peggy pictures appreciated. Dogs are fun. Love Mom

Carol said...

Your posts are the best part of facebook. Keep up the good work.

NumberWise said...

Okay - that's really funny, especially now that I'm reading it for a second time. And both times I chuckled over the sheep fence.

threecollie said...

Jan, it is, and JRTs are very witty. lol

Mom, sorry, I was really under the weather with the darned knee. Love you

Carol, thanks! thanks for reading.

NW, I can't take much credit for cleverness there. Jade's pen was sitting right Thanks