Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shopping for Beef

The boss and the kids went shopping yesterday and brought this guy home. He is a milking shorthorn from a nice herd near here. We like shorthorn beef better than anything else we have grown, although ours were always half Holstein.

As you can see he is well armed


Carol said...

Please explain. What is a milking shorthorn. Is it a type like jersey?

lisa said...

He will be very good to eat in a year or so! I don't know if I am ready to grow more or not. It has been nice not having to take care of a calf but the beef is still plentiful in the freezer. When we get low, we will have to rethink our no steer policy!

threecollie said...

Carol, Milking Shorthorn is one of the breeds of dairy cattle, like Jersey, Holstein etc. We bought a shorthorn bull some years ago to cross on our Holstein cows so the young ones would have smaller calves. We ended up liking them so well we had quite a few of them.

Lisa, I don't blame you one bit, with your job and all. You have plenty to do already.

Terry and Linda said...

Having your own beef is really the only way to go!


threecollie said...

Linda, you really can't beat it. We have a great meat cutter who cryovacs the meat for us, so each cut is fresh and tender.