Thursday, August 04, 2016

Stink Redux

Bama Breeze

When the boss came in from mowing hay and I told him the skunk story he had a tale of his own. 

Seems that he noticed that something had torn up some of the swaths where he had hay down. Hay was strewn all over the place and there was a large thing in the middle of the muddle.

He went over to see what had happened and there was a dead skunk. It had evidently not gone gentle into that good night.

In fact it actually was only some bits of a dead skunk, such as the legs and stinky part.

Then he saw another one, similarly impacted by whatever they had encountered.

Great Horned Owl maybe? If it was yotes I hope they stay away from the house....although I am sure we will be able to detect their presence right promptly if they do come down here.

When the boss finished his story, I suggested that maybe he might want to rake around that part of the field......

What's up with all these skunks anyhow? None since spring and now they're everywhere!


joated said...

Is there a problem with rabies in your neck of the woods? Is rabies more likely in the heat of the summer?
Might provide a reason for the more than normal wandering of the skunks. (Just a guess as I've little experience with rabies other than one raccoon that interuppted a duck hunt.)

Terry and Linda said...

Makes me wonder if we are heading into an early fall.


threecollie said...

Joated, oh, yes, rabies is terribly common here. That could be part of the situation. Not that skunks are rare or anything, but I just have neither seen nor smelled one in months and suddenly they are all over the place. We have had rabid raccoons around in other years...very scary.

Linda, see today's post. I think you may be right! Alas....