Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Fairy Wogdog

Is no relation to either of ours....

Yesterday Mack laid a good one on me. Of course I should have known that a Jack Russell terrier would have guts of granite and a constitution to match, but I am used to Border Collies.

They are much more tender.

Anyhow, each morning I have been taking Fin out on a leash and letting Mack run order that neither be inside barking while I walked the other, in deference to the night shift. They have a great time mauling each other.

I think it will be a long time before I can trust them together though. Mack loves the pup, but he is so darned fierce. I fear he might hurt him without meaning to.

Then I bring Fin inside to have his breakfast and leave Mack out to hunt rats. Yesterday he was most successful....except that his chosen prey was the lovely carcass of a deceased chicken.

A long deceased chicken. Bones, feathers and decay.

Or actually, upon further research, two of them. I think he found them up under the small chicken coop, which is vacant because something...probably rats....was killing the teenaged chickens there.

Guess the clean up crew missed a couple.

I did not discover the crime until AFTER I had given Mack his breakfast. He was bulging in an interesting fashion and looked as if he might soon pup a nice litter.

Then all day long he ate newspapers. This is not normal for him. I guess he wanted to pad the bone ends or something. I worried, as worrywarts are prone to do. We had just finished getting the other pup over some typical Border Collie tummy troubles. Just what I needed.

However, this morning the signs of pregnancy have subsided and he seems to be his usual obnoxious and overbearing self, barking at something or other and tearing around like a wild man....btw, Jade went back on days and the darned dog is back on his cable....bark away, buddy, bark away....

Me, on the other least ten new grey hairs.....see, right here.....


Jan said...

You should have gotten Poodles

threecollie said...

Jan, I like poodles! I love Standard Poodles especially. Did I ever tell you about the time my dog obedience instructor forgot the stuff she needed to teach our class? She was very proud of her Bouvier and her Standard Poodle, and they were very nice, and well trained dogs.
However, an animal will make a fool out of you every chance it gets. She left the classroom to drive home....maybe a ten minute round trip...and left the pair on long down in the training ring while she left.
I doubt that she had even gotten downstairs before they were up and noodling around the classroom visiting with all the other dogs and having a fine old time.
So did the class as we laughed and laughed. It felt especially good to me, as she always sneered at my Brandy...."That MIXED breed". She was a nice lady, but a real AKC snob. It about killed her that he was the best dog in our class. lol

Terry and Linda said...

I love those photos of your pup. He is one HAPPY feller!


threecollie said...

Thanks, Linda, he is a really pretty utter heller, but nice looking. lol

Cathy said...

Yes. Those pictures are just . . .. pup perfect :)