Thursday, September 08, 2016

High tech, Low tech

Stepped outside to walk the doggies. Looked up. Listened. Felt the air.

Took down the laundry and brought it inside. .

Sent people feeding, bringing in.....taking care of all that was outdoors.

Came in, pretty well caught up, well enough prepared.

Then my cell phone signaled a text from the emergency management folks.

Severe thunderstorm warning for Montgomery County.

Yep, gotcha covered there already.


Jan said...

I'm sure you have developed an amazing ability at forecasting from years of farming.

threecollie said...

Jan, this time it was unmistakable. Lived up to the threat too

Terry and Linda said...

When you live on the land you get so you know 'things' way before the machines catch on. You even get so you can even tell time from the sun, even if it's daylight savings time or regular time. But you know that.