Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bitey Face

The attempt to tire out the Border Collie and the Jack Russell Terrier by letting them play bitey face for a couple of hours has failed.

Before this week they were not allowed loose together. Mack is so terribly tough and terrier fierce. I was afraid he would really hurt the pup. Now the latter is enough larger than he to mitigate that advantage, so I introduced them to game time.

They play and play and play. There was a little gore the other day, but I think it was from teeth clacking together with somebody's tongue in between. I have to back all the chairs in the kitchen up against the walls so they can't knock them over....

Or at least not as easily.

This morning, I had to call the game on account of Peggy getting up. They are both lying in their crates trying to get me to open the doors with power stares.

Nope, not yet. Maybe later fellas. 

In other news our boy is back at work over in the Bay State so things are sorta quiet around here. His B-I-L is driving to that state today for his job so they will be quite close together for guys who are so far from home. Kinda strange huh?

Going to try to get up to Bellinger's Apple Orchard this afternoon, hopefully to pick some Pink Ladies if there are enough left.

Not the best known apple in the world but my hands down favorite for still being delicious in January and good enough for pies in March.

Hope you enjoy this last nice day before snow, sleet and freezing humbug tomorrow.

The new porch in daybreak pink


Cathy said...

"Power stares." :-D

As for the freezing rain . . . I don't know which is worse . .. that - or these mornings when it's still dark a t 7:30.
I'm warming up my mantra. "Spring is just around the corner . . . Spring is just around the corner."

It must be nice for Alan and his BIL to be together. Family is good.

Jan said...

It isn't easy to hold out against doggie power stares.

Love your house, never get tired of seeing inside and out.

Carol Williams said...

I have 5 dogs (don't ask, lots of rescues), and the latest is a 4-month-old mostly Pitbull puppy who is adorable, but loves to play BiteyFace!! Well, I also have a couple of rescue kittens, one of whom is extremely furry. I noticed this morning that his entire head and neck fur is kind of rough and matted. Figured it out when I saw Honey sucking on his head. Not hurting him, just kind of humiliating him I think. I reprimanded the dog, but the kitten didn't even seem to mind. Weird...

threecollie said...

Cathy, they didn't quite connect due to time differences, but they do see each other all the time. It was just kind of cool that they were in the same town on opposite sides of a mall so far from home. It is snowing here today...supposed to get a good deal and then change to rain. I sure wish I had my cannas dug! But I can't dig and I hate to ask the guys. Family is good....

Jan, they are a force to be reckoned with! They keep me busy all the time. And thanks

Carol, wow! They must keep you really busy. We used to have a cat that was a little on the dumb side (his name was Dumdum) and a great big Lab cross named Tucker. Tucker would pick the cat up by the head and carry him around all day. Our main question was....why? lol