Thursday, October 20, 2016


One by one the porches on this place...this house has more porches than a toad has warts....and pretty darned warty porches at that....are being rebuilt and painted and made all spiffy and nice, mostly by Alan with help from his dad.

This rebuild was somewhat more exciting than is necessary from a mother's point of view.

I didn't get photos, but before this was started the porch decking was completely rotted and falling off the house and there wasn't a whole heck of a lot holding the roof up. At one point an inopportune movement of the skid steer tore the roof loose from the house and nearly dropped it on the kid.

Not good.

It is pouring today, so the mostly finished....some flashing needs to be looks kind of grim. However, it is a gigantic improvement over its previous state.

They had an extra railing post and set it on the front like the figurehead on a ship so I can hang plants on it next summer too.

Ain't it handy having a guy who works construction hanging around with nothing to do but fix our stuff? And a handy dandy assistant too.....


Linda Ault said...

Looks good. You have a good helper.

A. Montgomery said...

Looks like that is just a sitting porch (no steps) Nice to get some work done. Love Mom_

threecollie said...

Linda, they do great work together. Thanks

Mom, yeah, we decided not to put the steps back up, as there is no reason to use that door. I think I will hang some plants out there next summer and maybe sit out there to watch the birds during the mulberry shuttle. lol. Love you