Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Guest Tirade

Mad blogger with the older camera

So I'm using Becky's computer, which is really Alan's computer, but he lets her use it, because mine seems to have fan issues......thus no new pictures.

Fan problems were, alas, not solved with canned air. Hopefully a certain nephew will be able to repair that situation. I could get a new computer I suppose, but I am a great fan of Windows 7 and really, really, really don't want to change.

Plus, you know how you get everything all trimmed up and ready to sail after you run a computer for a while....yeah....that's how it is.

Now for a rant. Alan bought me a new camera from Best Buy. A bigger bells and whistles critter, which we can't wait to point at birdies. 

Alas they ship with the brown truck people, who do not do well delivering to us. Every single package we get has to be chased down either at their warehouse or wherever they decide to dump it.

This time I got a notice that it was delivered....yesterday.....but no camera. Called the brown truck guys. The not very helpful lady there said it was delivered to the stump at the bottom of the driveway.

So, you mean to tell me that an expensive electronic device sat outside all night? Unguarded? A tenth of a mile from the house and out of sight?

Color me delighted.

Then the boss went to look for it and found it was at the bottom of the BARN driveway! Yeah, the driveway is overgrown with brush, way down the road from the house with no buildings in sight. Farther away even than I thought. This was no mistake. This was deliberate and perhaps a reaction to our political signs, some of which have been stolen btw.

The box is damp, although the camera seems maybe dry....hard to tell, it's so darned cold.

I will be contacting Best Buy later when there are live people to talk to. The brown truck lady said that her company was not in any way responsible for leaving our package at the wrong address on a stump.

Meanwhile, both the US Postal Service and FedEx deliver our packages and mail with no problems. FedEx brings stuff right to the back door and has never messed us up. So it can be done......


Cathy said...

"This was deliberate and perhaps a reaction to our political signs, some of which have been stolen btw."


Earl said...

I am happy the camera was found, now I will have to make sure that UPS is off my list of carriers. Stay on Windows 7, 10 keeps trying to make me crazy or young again, both of which are dangerous. Political signs? Almost wish someone would take all the ones blocking intersection visibility, almost.

Jan said...

That is inexcusable. Did the stump sign for it too?

A. Montgomery said...

I like what Jan said. I am sick of deliveries which are not signed for. UPS leaves my medicine on the front deck and don't bother to ring the bell. I don't know it is there unless I happen to see the truck out in front.
When your cousin worked this route we always knew our stuff was here.
Love Mom.

threecollie said...

Cathy, very frustrating having the signs stolen. They wasn't that easy to get in the first place. Guess we aren't voting in the right way for NY

Earl, ours were near our two driveways. They left the ones for our state senator, who is a fine man, but took the national ones, which Ralph had to jump through a few hoops to get in the first place. Oh, well. I really want to stay with 7 if we can get the fan changed out. We are going to have to have anything the brown truck guys deliver dropped off at a farm store, the owner of which Ralph is good friends with. they are willing and we can't get any satisfaction from the company.

Jan, it might have! Mr. W. Oak, AKA Q. Alba......

Mom, they have done the same to us over and over again, even when we lived in town and there was no excuse. Guess there isn't much you can do about it. One of Ralph's friends is going to let us get stuff dropped at their store where they actually make deliveries. Love you.