Thursday, October 20, 2016

I have a Confession to Make

See these guys? Back in the day I had dogs that would put them right in your lap if you so desired, and sometimes even if you didn't desire. Mike would work the worst bulls and meanest cows we had...except number 171, who had it in for him...and he did the best he could with her. We had dogs that got 'er done. Even Gael, who was pretty much a wienie, at least wanted to work, and tried her darnedest.

However this guy.....this cute, fluffy, nicely housebroken little leg breaker....butter wouldn't melt in his mouth and all, but he will knock you over in a heartbeat.

Yeah, he is scared spitless of them. Good thing I don't need a good stockdog, because I sure don't have one.


Jan said...

Anonymous said...

HE sure is a cutie though......ha ha ha I woudl take him in a heartbeat.

threecollie said...

Jan yep, that would be Finn. lol I took him down to look at the ewe and lambs through the gate. Peggy was petting them. They are quite bold as they are mostly pets and when they sniffed at him, only the leash kept him from bolting.

Anon, I like him....he's a pretty good pup....but just a pet I guess. Although he thinks he needs to guard the house and barks at every leaf that falls.