Thursday, October 06, 2016


There's lots to see outside in the dark.

And plenty of dark to see it in too....

You can see that the person bobbing with a flashlight down the lawn is leading a horse, even though it is a black horse, invisible in the nascent hours of night. Something about the way the light moves, where the faintly visible human face glows....nothing you can quite pick out...... just something. 

Somehow you can spot the evening pairing, animal and human, teaming or tandem...moving together toward twin sanctuaries of house and stable.

Difference senses make all clear to my Border Collie buddy. He poses, all sharp and alert, staring up the hill. He shows little herding instinct, which is okay, since he has no job of that sort. He sure is interested though.

The end of the ridgepole on the cellar entry glows in the outdoor lights (hooray for outdoor lights. We didn't have any for decades until Alan set them up last fall.) Other odds and ends unnoticed in the light of day announce themselves as well, reflectors, bits of metal and chrome, plus a few lonely stars glowing golden through the rising mist.

The moon is a hot orange banana on the western horizon. Wonder what it is saying about  weather to come. Thanks to southbound paths of migration and vacation, we have dear friends and close family square in the path of Hurricane Matthew and plenty of others close enough for attendant danger. Stay safe folks, stay safe. We sure are thinking of you here in the north....

Being cooped up indoors during the hours of daylight makes these hours of darkness much brighter from my point of view. I'll take what I can get.


Terry and Linda said...

Very beautifully written!


Cathy said...

I'm about to hand my computer over to Keith so he can read these luminous lines about the dark.
How long will you have to be careful about sun exposure?
But tell you what . . . if writing like this is a result of having to remain indoors - I'm going to quarantine myself.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks!

Cathy, aw...that is really nice..... No matter how I count the days it will be close to Halloween before I can get out in the light again. I managed to sneak a trip to the swamp yesterday but it isn't something I want to try too often. Too much messing around and too much chance to burn. Alan had to start at the job he does now a few years ago while on a regimen like this....only worse...for Lyme....and his nose burned bad enough for permanent damage. Even now the slightest sun burns him, and he wore sunblock continually. Thanks for your kind words