Monday, October 03, 2016

On the Fence

Common Yellowthroat in summer clothes.
Not so confusing

As I came down the stairs this morning a flash of light out in the driveway alerted me to the presence of a cottontail I might not have otherwise seen. It paused a moment, but was obviously alarmed so I looked around for a predator. A blink and it was gone. I waited to see what had frightened it.

After all, during these non-birding weeks, I'll take what I can get. Coulda been a hawk, right?

However, a large, black cat, which I have never seen before, sauntered out of the garden. The only cats we personally have are Becky's three and they are strictly indoor cats. This guy is either a drop off or visiting from the housing development next door.

He strolled around as if he owned the place but was gone before I got outside with the doggies.

On one hand outdoor cats kill a lot of birds, and I do mean a lot.

On the other hand...hunting rabbits in the garden? It's hard not to like that.

And it is sunny this morning. I love sunny days even in the depths of winter. However, yesterday, even on a pretty cloudy day, I was driven out of the kitchen by the nasty burning sensation caused by my drugs. Had to hide in a darkened room for several hours. Ack! I've never been so glad to see the sun go down.

I would imagine a sunny day is going to be worse. Guess I'm going to find out.

On one hand I cannot do bird walks right now. I was trying for an eBird list every day during migration but that is not going to happen. Had to say 'no' when Alan invited me to go to Montezuma yesterday and if you don't think that hurt......

On the other hand I picked up a nice, confusing, fall warbler right when I was walking Fin this morning. Yellow throat like a Common Yellowthroat. Bright eye-ring, not like a COYE. Bright yellow undertail, which might be a COYE. On the other hand the tail pattern was completely wrong for a COYE, more like a Magnolia, only the color seemed too yellow. A Magnolia would be a first of year bird for me.

So even if I can't bird I can have fun trying to unravel a mystery bird before I have to head upstairs to my cave.

Trying to remain upbeat here, even if I can't play outside and the medicine makes me sick as a dog......


Jan said...

You are so good at entertaining yourself...and us.

Terry and Linda said...

I sure hope you get too feeling good fast and can get off the meds. I love sunny days myself.


threecollie said...

Jan, thanks, I was a solitary

Linda, thanks, it is a misery indeed. Glad to read that you are on the mend.