Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pod Day

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Have I mentioned that I hate pod day? Perhaps not.....we normally just have pod week or pod month. Those are bad enough, but at least the pod-slaught is spread out over a longer time....fewer pps...that's pods per makes it easier to withstand the deluge.

However, every now and then we have a blustery fall day at the same time that the honey locust pods are ripe and ready to fall. Travel in the back yard becomes downright perilous for those who are tender of head.

And that's me. I cringe and flinch my way out with dogs and back in with same. I want to do yard work, but only last a couple of minutes before I've had enough pods to the head and hurry back indoors, out of the podstorm. Ack! It gets downright crazy!

There are so many that one even blew into the house through TWO doors and a porch a little while ago. There are windrows of pods!

Yesterday there were a few down but most of them were still on the tree. Today the wind is ripping them off and flinging them about with wild abandon. I have been hit a couple-three times already.

The pods are bad enough on their own, but the small loose branches and twigs are even worse.

Bah humbug. Enough already

Plenty more where those came from


Jan said...

They don't grow into people or anything like that, do they?

Uta said...

Have the same kind of trouble except with acorns. Last year was bad with acorns but this year is even worse. Its like walking on ball bearings and when you get hit on the head or any other part of your body it stings. The squirrels are getting fat, so maybe that means were getting a tough winter?

threecollie said...

Jan, hmmmm.....I wonder.....

Uta, oh, man, I hate to even think of having acorns fall on you! Ouch! Our squirrels are huge too. One flew out over the horse barn door the other day and I swear it was a yard long!