Monday, October 17, 2016

The Camera Bag Saga

I promised you the story of this camera bag for yesterday, but we ended up doing a wild road trip, so here it is today.

We had done most of the big loop around the various impoundments at Montezuma Saturday, when we decided to stop at the new viewing area near the Thruway. It is a great place to look out at some previously hard to see areas around the swamp.  

There, unattended on the deck, was this nice Nikon camera bag. Alan peeked inside but didn't see any ID. We puzzled what to do. We didn't want to just leave it there to be stolen, but we didn't want to look like we were taking it either.

And yes, a guy who pulled up right after us said, "If they were dumb enough to leave it, they deserve whatever they get."

Since we didn't share his opinion, Becky found a phone number for the visitor center and Alan called them while I watched over the bag.

The nice lady at the center said to just bring it down and she would put it in the lost and found.

So we did.

Once there we turned it over and she searched the whole bag. Hidden deep inside were business cards for a photographer, whom she called right away.

The lady who owned the bag hadn't even realized yet that she had left it (with several lenses inside), at the refuge, but she sure was glad that she would be able to come back and pick it up.

And we were kinda glad that we saw it first.


Jan said...

This makes me glad I know you guys.

threecollie said...

Jan, glad to know you too. Thanks

Ann Ward said...

It's so good to know there are still decent people in this world. Of course I didn't have to read this to know you are one of them :-)

threecollie said...

Ann, that is very kind of you to say that. Really....couldn't imagine doing anything else. So glad they were able to reach the lady that lost it. We have been on the other end....I will never forget when Ralph stopped at a little grocery that used to be in town, just before Christmas. He had all our Christmas money in his pocket. And dropped it in the parking lot. It was totally unidentifiable, just a bundle of bills....and yet, a local police officer picked it up, informed the owner of the store that he had it and waited to be contacted. Despite being sure it was gone forever, Ralph asked the owner if anyone had found it....we were quickly reconnected with the money and Christmas for our little ones...they were small then...was saved. We read a lot of bad every day these days, but there sure are some good people out there.