Monday, November 28, 2016

Bird Strike

I was on my way down to the heifer barn, taking scraps to the hens, when a young of the year Red-tailed Hawk (it had a barred rather than red tail) lifted lightly from the Box Elders and floated up to the defunct telephone pole that sits just in front of it.

Oh, no. 

There are a few reasons why a hawk might be set among the chickens like a cat among the pigeons and most of them aren't good. I had to have Alan help me, but sure enough we found what remained of one of the Barred Rock pullets stuck under the cattle panel where the hawk had stuffed it while dining.

I shooed at it until it flew away west and went in to get Liz to pen up the birds.

No more free range for the girls this fall I guess. No need to provide free lunch other than sunflower seeds and suet. Sure was sad to see the little hen taken, but them's the chances you take when you have poultry outdoors.

And of course, they just started laying about three days ago. 


Jan said...

So how do "free range" chickens remain free range? Or is this just marketing?

threecollie said...

Jan, actually the definition doesn't really quite exist. Not too many standards from the government, just from organizations.
I read an article recently that detailed the losses on a "free range" chicken farm and they were appalling. Of course they wanted the government to reimburse them.