Thursday, November 10, 2016

Birds before Coffee

I was on the way up to the cable with Finn, when the teeniest rooster crow ever was emitted from behind the wood stove. It was a Silver-laced Wyandotte that won't come to the barn and instead roosts up there. He sounds like the smallest bantam, but is a normal sized bird. I wonder how long he will hang on with all the wild predators around here. 

Then a Red-tailed Hawk came sailing in to perch in the dead elm among the starlings. It was pretty funny. Sun not up yet, cold as a well digger's elbow, and the starlings just sat there for a moment with this compared to them...predator shouldering them aside on the bare limb.

Suddenly they realized, and took off in unison like scalded cats.

I know Red-tails don't hunt starlings much, but I don't blame them for getting gone. On cold winter days the hawks sometimes come down and hunt, on the wing, under the eaves of the old heifer barn. It is a sight to see, these great big clumsy hawks of the open fields and forests trying to turn upside down in flight to take starlings and House Sparrows out of the eaves. I think they must get some because they do it a lot.

Turn about is fair play. A little while later a mob of crows had the hawk captive on a telephone pole and were jeering and leering at it like the bullies they are. Could this be Manhattan? 

Anyhow, all these cool birds being around got me out for a bird walk before I even turned on the computer or got coffee. It was sweet too. Sometimes it's as if God opens Heaven and pours out some birds just to make my day. 

It was a gorgeous dawn, freckled with Juncos and full of frost and sunshine. I am most thankful and will gladly take any others like it that are sent my way.


joated said...

Neat! But I've a question: How can you bird before coffee? My eyes don't even open completely before coffee and trying to focus...well, that's darn near impossible.

A. Montgomery said...

That's probably why she didn't see much exciting, except the hawk. She never was a dyed in the wool coffee drinker at home though.
Nice pictures daughter. Love, Mom

Cathy said...

There are so many quotable lines in ONE post of yours !!!
But "freckled with Juncos"!! ?
Dang. Wish I'd said that :)


the hawks sometimes come down and hunt, on the wing, under the eaves of the old heifer barn.

threecollie said...

Joated, I sure don't make a habit of it! lol, It was just too tempting though.

Mom, I loves me my coffee now though. Wish you could get a decent cup in Fultonville at least once in a while. And thanks, love you too

Cathy, thanks, they really do. So cumbersome as they try to get at the birds in the eaves.