Tuesday, November 22, 2016

But for the Wind

It would be quite nice out today, although cold. However said wind is a stump grinder of a rumble-grumble, whipping and whining and tossing things around, and making the house cold even with the stove at top speed. 

I keep looking around for what makes the howling noise up in the honey locust when it really gets going. It sounds like a train, but I don't think the branches are strong enough to hold one.

The pup is going over fool's hill these days and had a panic attack because a pot for underwater plants blew up along the cable and scared him. Despite his warning me of the extreme danger I picked it up and put it away. Those things come in handy in the summer.

We seem to spend the day shuttling dogs in and out and to and fro. Too cold for them outdoors. Too boring for them in.

 During this exercise we found a downside to deer hunting. Ren unearthed, to her infinite delight, the Rocky Mountain oyster (so to speak) of the big buck. 'Ooh, ooh, ooh! Treats!' You may have heard Liz trying to catch her and get it away from her.

She was so happy with her find and so very reluctant to relinquish it that it took a while. Glad she is Liz's dog rather than mine.

Must have been pretty potent as the ones at the end of my leash go crazy whenever we pass the spot where she (finally) dropped it, even though it has long since been removed from play.


Jan said...

There are a lot of humans who think RMO's are quite the delicacy, or say they do maybe just to gross out the rest of us.

Terry and Linda said...

Lots of RMO cooked and eaten out here on campfires at branding time...just say'n.


threecollie said...

Jan, never had them, but I am pretty adventurous.

Linda, I am brave. I would probably give them a go. lol