Wednesday, November 02, 2016

It's all Downhill

Bacon Bone!!!

Yesterday was one of those days that start off kilter and go downhill from there. First was the ice cold shower. I know there are people who choose that option, but myself not so much. The stove was hot. The water wasn't.

Then it was just too crazy to finish any of my writing chores. Wednesday is deadline, but I do love to be done on Tuesday and have those decks all clear the rest of the week.

The washer acted up. It took all day to get it to spin.

The cold water situation turned out to require several trips for parts and a lot of wrenching.

The heat quit. It wasn't all that cold yesterday but it sure was too cold for no heat.

The litany of minor but messy woes just went on and on. By day's end I was afraid to touch a dial or turn a faucet.

However, the guys soldiered on and replaced a valve in the hot water plenum, found where the circulation pump for the heat had gotten unplugged, eventually the washer worked, and we all survived to do it again another day.

On the bright side it turns out that the valve was the reason we have had very limited hot water for a very long time. Last night there were hot showers all around, a bath for Peggy and some very happy people.

The old S 10 truck got repaired and painted to be a mobile birding blind...the ticks are so terrible that we don't even want to ride the four-wheeler up in the field..... and we had a great supper of homemade beef stew.  

It's all good.


Jan said...

Human life has so many complications. A bacon bone is all that is needed for happiness.

threecollie said...

Jan, those doggies love those bacon bones! Like crack for canines.

Terry and Linda said...

Those days....ours has started like that this morning...even to a split on the spout of the combine and a battery that didn't want to start.



Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Nothing like a hot bath or shower to soothe the rough edges away! Such a simple thing, hot water, and yet how priceless! When our kids would complain about how "poor" we were when we wouldn't buy them some expensive trinket, we would always remind them that every day they could get up and walk down the hall to hot running water, something probably 90% of folks in world don't have. I'm glad you don't have to call the plumber to get things fixed, but have genuinely handy guys around the house.

threecollie said...

Linda, I was almost afraid to move. Everything kept breaking! Thank God the guys were home, and could make it work and equal thanks that they finally found out what was restricting the hot water. I can take cold showers in the summer, but this time of year....Ack!

threecollie said...

Jacqueline, I don't mind...much...when we don't have any in the summer. At least you can suffer through and then get out and warm up. However in the winter, getting really chilled and then getting into bed cold is a recipe for misery.