Monday, November 14, 2016

Warning-Graphic Video

"Videos that contain graphic content can shock, offend and upset.....

Are you sure you want to see this?"

In this age of malware, viruses, and other attacks on our electronic devices, this warning on a video our boy shared with me had me backing away....

So I asked him, do I want to see this?

He assured me that I did, so I watched.

My tender, delicate, snowflake-like sensitivities were horrifically offended...

Or maybe not. 

See it was just this silly-looking guy with a white rodent of some sort, which he placed on top of an obviously already opened beer bottle, which he held up in his yard, declaiming about the "coolest bottle opener in the word."

(I guess he is famous....ish, but not in my world. Never heard of the guy.)

A not particularly well-focused hawk grabbed the ratty thing and flew away, dumping the top off the beer in the process. The guy then drank it. 

I personally wasn't too impressed with the idea of drinking a beer after a rat sat on it. Or by the guy's bulging beer belly, which he waved around like a battle flag.

I was much more interested in what kind of hawk it was....Red-shouldered I think. The guys says he has two living in the yard, wild, and that they have been there for ten years. I wonder how much beer it took to tame them enough to come in like that.

However, graphic? Not really. There was no blood or gore. I suppose if you like mice your feelings could be hurt. It wasn't a particularly fair fight. Or if idiotic rednecks make you need a safe space, this would not be the video for you. However, I think the warning was just a tiny bit of overkill. Pun intended.

Personally when I heard something scrabbly and nasty in the pantry over the weekend, I was indeed offended and major efforts to remove same are ongoing.

I wonder if I could borrow the hawks.....


Terry and Linda said...

I'm with you...I always try to remove those offending little creatures called MICE!


threecollie said...

Linda, I hate em!