Wednesday, December 14, 2016

All I want for Christmas

Is NOT website updates. Facebook is bad enough. Every time they roll out something new, we all hate it. Then we all learn to deal with it. Then we forget it and move on.

Facebook is just for fun and all and if we don't like it we don't have to use it. Although changing things around almost randomly, such as the youngsters who manage it like to do, is annoying, it is not of any real importance.

However, the bank website is a horse of a different color. I manage a number of accounts for farm and family and use our bank's website frequently. Been doing so for years.

Just this week the company rolled out a fancy new site intended apparently for people who are too financially challenged to understand the difference between pending items and those which have cleared.

Thus the pending items are greyed out, making it ever so difficult for older folks such as myself to read the nearly invisible print. Oh, and they don't post totals for anything that is pending either....How very helpful of them to require me to use the calculator or do actual math....horrors.....

They also put lots of pretty pictures in the background and ads for pointless services right in the list of transactions. Just what everyone needs for Christmas, right?

They send me surveys on how well I like their services and such almost weekly...... I simply can't wait for the next one. This keyboard is gonna be smokin'.


Jan said...

You ranted for a lot of us

Linda said...

I hate change too. I went to the farm store this afternoon to buy tank heaters...they moved them again and trying to find someone that knew where they were...impossible. I finally stumbled onto them but I won't be going back there without a fight.

Terry and Linda said...

You must have the same bank I have. Sucks! You said it just right, so I put this on my FB page!


threecollie said...

Jan, it is such a pain! Usually with that kind of change you quickly get used to using the new site even if you don't like it. This one made needed features hard to find and totals hard to pull. Bah!

Linda, that drives me nuts! We got a new WalMart and I have to take Becky with me to find anything!!

Linda, I hate it plain and simple. And thanks