Monday, December 05, 2016


Sweet Gums is clingers, but not bitter

We went Christmas shopping yesterday, Alan and Becky and me. Destination was the Bass Pro shop in Auburn. I had a particular purchase to make for a certain someone with whom I occasionally partake of adventure and that certain something is marketed by that certain company.

You could pretty much tell there was going to be a storm. Although we weren't going birding we saw a lot of birds.

Hundreds of Canada Geese floated, pooled in their own reflections, placid on the river, which seemed as if it had been painted in a swath of silver and muted sunlight.

In one spot not far from here they were pinned under the watchful eyes of a pair of mature Bald Eagles. I have been reading up on the latter, and it seems that they will already be refurbishing last year's nests for the coming nesting season....which btw begins in winter so the fledglings will be able to partake of the young of the year of mammals and birds while they are still inexperienced and going over fool's hill animal style.

Such as Canada Geese.

I coaxed our driver to pull into the parking lot at Montezuma to allow me five minutes to grab a couple of photos and look at ducks. (Stretched it to eight minutes and no one complained.)

There wasn't much shaking....or floating....or flying...and the wildlife drive is closed for the winter, but I did get to see some gulls and some Northern Shovelers, which are not exactly Fultonville birding fare. We must have seen fifty Red-Tailed Hawks hunting the highway too. Once you learn to spot them they are everywhere.

Goal was acquired, along with some cool things for Peggy like Lincoln Logs then we hustled home so our boy could head to Boston. Just another weekend in Paradise. 


Cathy said...

Sounds like a fine day.

And I love the way you capture it in pictures - and words:

"... seemed as if it had been painted in a swath of silver and muted sunlight."

Linda said...

Have you ever wondered (I have) why they are called Canada Geese and not Canadian Geese?

Terry and Linda said...

Down here we call them Canadian Geese!


threecollie said...

LInda, I have and I don't know the answer. It seems to make much more sense doesn't it?

Linda, lol, sometimes we do too, or Canadas, which spell check swears is not a word.