Monday, January 16, 2017

Favorite Friends

I've always had a problem with the whole best friends thing. Best is a superlative, indicating that there can only be one. Thus you might have two friends that you love equally but in different ways. Which one is best? Is the other one second best? One can only hope not.

And then there's the arrogance of the whole best friends deal. Who is anyone to say? Supposing you do have one person in your mind that is the superlative, "best" of all your friends and acquaintances...and they don't feel the same way? Suppose they are closer to someone else, like you a lot, but not the most? Then what? It's all so very middle school-ish.

It's always bugged me, especially since I am not exactly the queen of social interactions, have a mouth big enough for both feet, and fast enough to outrun my brain any day of the week. Who am I to think I am best of anything?

However, favorite...that's a whole nother concept. Someone can be my favorite friend without any commitment on their end. I can have a couple, three, or even a dozen favorites, and enjoy them all quite specially. Of course favorite is also a superlative, but who among us doesn't have dozens of "favorite" songs, favorite books, favorite authors, favorite foods....see, it just works better than best.

If better than best is actually possible. Anyhow, best wishes to my favorite friend; if by chance you may be reading this. I am thinking about you....


Terry and Linda said...

And you are my favorite farm blog hands down!


threecollie said...

Linda, thank you so much! That goes both ways. lol

Linda said...

We were discussing this very thing the other day. I have lots of "favourites" but they are not exclusive favourites.