Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Don't tell anybody, but when I went out for my daily bird count and walk today, I came back munching a lovely cookie.

Yeah, the barnyard gate was open so I went down that driveway instead of up the hill or down the house drive. I am usually too lazy to go find the key, open the big gates, and then re-close them when I get back. It was kinda neat to take a different route.

Just as I was almost to the bottom, a neighbor, who was passing and saw me, pulled in to talk farming and neighbor stuff...and birds of course, since I had bins and a camera hanging around my neck. Geese are grazing his cornfields, but not too many of the gazillion Mallard Ducks that are hanging around this year. And little brown jobs...we all seem to have a lot of those around.

And then, just before he headed out to finish his errands and deliver a box of homemade cookies to someone, he opened the box and gave me one.

Yep, a groundhog cookie. And a frosted groundhog cookie at that. I wanted to take a picture to share with you but my hands were so cold I had to eat it so I could put them back in my pockets. Delicious.

Ain't small town life great though? 


Ann Ward said...

Your pictures are beautiful! And yes, small towns are wonderful. We live in a tourist destination but behind that the locals all know and take care of each other. Enjoy your birding!

threecollie said...

Ann, we visited Destin when we went to Florida the last week in December. We loved it! How we wished we had more time to explore! and thanks!

Denny Gross said...

Okay, I give up. What's a groundhog cookie?

threecollie said...

Denny, it's a lovely, ground hog shaped sugar cookie with brown frosting. lol