Friday, January 20, 2017


The three now ponies, plus my dear saddle horse, Magnum, and a long-ago pony,
Deranged Richard, teaching the girls how to pony.

Someone left the pony barn door open last night....probably because it's so warm and they didn't want it to get too stuffy.

Anyhow, I wandered over at o'dark-thirty this morning to make sure all was well. As the beam of my flashlight preceded, me a throaty chuckle came from Jack. He knows me of old and knows I'm a sucker, good for a treat or two. His nicker is so seductive, I swear if he was a kid, grandma would give him the whole cookie jar and then look around for something else tasty for him.

Diamond knows me as well and in the same way and came to stand tiptoe at the edge of her stall, peeking over to see what was up.

Gambit however, is not so familiar. I tend to dogs and goldfish and people and house plants these days....not my ponies and all. The rustle of the hay I found by the door lured him over for the party though...

Two slabs of the boss's good hay divided three ways so as not to mess with anyone's diet. There was a rustling and a couple of sighs of contentment as I left, leaving the door open behind me. It must be nearly fifty out there.

It was a moment, short, yet utterly sweet. I've missed the quiet sounds of well-cared for animals taking nourishment without fear or discomfort. There's a bond. If you have livestock you know it. Sad to think that animal rights activists would call this exploitation and want it ended right away. 

Good morning ponies, I'll bet the ice is soft enough that you can maybe go out to play today.


Terry and Linda said...

Nothing like the love of a horse and that soft velvet nose!


threecollie said...

LInda, they are wonderful aren't they?