Friday, February 03, 2017


We have been having a lot of sammiches and mac and cheese and the like lately...all well and good, of course. We are at the mercy of an excellent cook and when she gets in the mood we surrender happily.

However, this morning I decided that it was time for some serious protein. Thus there is a gigantic block of venison sausage baking in the oven. Yeah, after this debacle I decided to try something different.

Since I have never in my life remembered to get out sausage to thaw it before cooking, and since it is packaged in very large blocks, due to people being sick and tired of vacuum sealing all day for two days, I am baking the whole darned frozen block with a little butter. I imagine that I will be able to cut it into squares pretty soon.....

It is in the oven in a big broiler pan tucked in nicely with a bit of foil. That stuff is dense. I figure we will be eating it in various form for a week, but as long as I get some for breakfast this morning I am good with that. 


ellie k said...

You can always refreeze it in patties once it is cooked and have a quick meal with it or freeze it in amounts to make sausage gravy and biscuits from it.

Terry and Linda said...

I'll bet your house smells yummy!


threecollie said...

Ellie, that is just what we are doing with it. Sure do love it!

Linda, oh, it did indeed.