Monday, February 20, 2017


Got up the nerve to call our accountant and explain that my lifeline in all things bookkeeping is no longer here to save me and I don't know what to do. How to fix the mess I make of the books each year......It is a terrible thing to have to be practical when you have lost one of your dearest friends, but alas, taxes still loom and somehow I must do this alone this year.

I talked to a really nice lady who understood and suggested bringing in a backup copy of my books for her to go over.

So Becky and I are printing off bank statements that I seem to have lost...I'm not completely alone I guess....and piling papers together. I have been stalling...and stalling....and stalling.....

And being sad, yeah, that too. I will miss the days....I already miss them....of talking in the driveway on bookkeeping breaks...we were always so busy that if we didn't have work to bring us together we would never have seen each other.... enjoying the birds and the sun, things that were much more fun than talking taxes. I miss saving things and thinking, 'she will need this, and she will need that'. Being tidier than is my nature to make the job a little easier when we finally got down to it.

Miss phone calls that may have been infrequent but always lasted for hours, while we took on the troubles of the world. Miss having my friend in the back of my mind, pretty much all the time. Whenever we spoke we always said, "I think of you every day."

And it was true. Sometimes we kept in touch via this blog...she liked to read it and we would talk about blog stuff when we did find a minute.

It's been a little over two weeks now. Two minutes. Two lifetimes. Too much to think about but I seem to have no choice. Guess I had better get busy piling papers.


12Paws said...

So sorry for your grief. Take a deep breath and grab hold of the One who will never leave you.

Cathy said...

" Miss having my friend in the back of my mind, pretty much all the time. Whenever we spoke we always said, "I think of you every day."

Heartbreaking and beautiful all at once.

Life is so hard sometimes.

Cathy said...

And those two pictures. Now I'm fighting tears.
This may be the most poignant and touching post I've read.
It's not just about getting back to paperwork.

(Wishing you an early spring, my friend. Birdsong and bloom in abundance)

Terry and Linda said...

I so understand. Although, I am very grateful I was with both of my very best friends at their passing...the missing never goes away.

threecollie said...

Thanks, 12, that has been a great comfort.

Cathy, it is indeed, and this was too fast and too soon and all that. Never got to say things that needed to be said. thanks

Linda, the children of my friend did wonderful things to bring friends closer. Sometime I will tell you....thanks