Sunday, February 19, 2017


Is what I have been up to this weekend. Both of my guys have taken me out birding, and I have done several lists. Got two new species for the year, a pair of Hooded Mergansers and a single Brown-headed Cowbird (it is officially spring now). The former was down on the river yesterday, the latter on my feeder at just past daybreak today.

Alan and I dined on McDonald's  pancakes down at the river this AM, a feast indeed. After we ate, I was out with the binoculars looking west, counting Mallards when Alan hissed, "Mom, Mom, Mom!!"

"Look the other way!"

And there was an immature Bald Eagle sailing in to do a little Mallard counting himself. With all the hundreds and hundreds of them around this year he should be pretty well feasted.

Sunrise was stunning. I made the doggies wait while I went out and grabbed some photos...good thing too, because it only lasted five minutes or so. 

Nice minutes though. Warm days like this make it hard to stay indoors and do stuff I am supposed to.....


A. Montgomery said...

I saw some pink sky in the west when I got up this morning. Just reflection but quite pretty. Liz put a cute picture of Peggy on. Love, Mom

Rev. Paul said...

Nice shots of that beautiful sky.

Terry and Linda said...


Jonna said...

It is amazing how ephemeral those morning skies are! I wonder why the evening pinks stay longer.

Cathy said...

" rosy-fingered dawn"

So glad Alan turned you around :)

Ok. Now what's the last picture/

threecollie said...

Mom, thanks, it was a really pretty morning. I have some Peggy shots I need to edit and share. Love you!

Rev. Paul, thanks I always do the doggies first as is only right, but I am glad I didn't that one day

Linda, I usually miss them. lol

Jonna, what a great question. I don't know....I miss a lot of good skies, glad to have gotten this one before it was gone.

Cathy, exactly! I was glad too. Mallards are a dime a dozen. Heck around here a dime a hundred. Eagles, although not rare, not so much. The last photo is water flowing down the concrete in the barnyard.