Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Ice Storm

So, last night it was supposed to sleet and freezing rain a bit, then warm up and not amount to much. Then suddenly an ice storm warning was announced. Shortly thereafter my folks called that their power was out. They were not alone. There were trees down and transformers on fire all over the region.

Well, dang. They assured me that they would be okay, but I worried. No heat. No water. No way to make hot coffee. I offered to send a farmer or a professional driver to bring them here, where we have all of the above, but they declined.

So I am waiting until it is late enough to call and check on them. If they don't have power then action must be taken. 

Meanwhile the doggies cannot be outside and are very aggravated about same and thus being very aggravating. So far I have rescued my woolly hat, a receipt, which is now and forever dead and partly eaten, plus sundry other kitchen floor artifacts. I have also stopped several loud games of bitey face, prevented the tossing around of metal food dishes, also very loud, (some people who get up at three every day are napping for a bit) and finally given up and put "Who's NOT a good boy," back in his crate.

If we get the snow storm they are predicting tonight, at least they can go outside and tire themselves out in that. 


Terry and Linda said...

Hope you and everyone are safe, safe, safe!

Jan said...

Housebound doggies are not a pretty sight.

Shirley said...

Hope your folks are okay. This seems like the winter that just won't quit. We are under another storm warning for a foot of snow on top of the 2 ft that we got on Monday.

Cathy said...

Everything turn out ok?

threecollie said...

LInda, thanks, we are having a big snow storm right on top of it. Guess winter was just a little late showing up.

Jan, no they are not. Finn is out in the snow right now running around after birds. Hopefully when I bring him in he will take a nap.

Shirley, thankfully their power was only out for about four and a half hours. I was so afraid that they would get cold! Snowing like a son of a gun here right now. Ugh.

Cathy, yes, everyone was fine, thankfully. I was pretty worried.