Tuesday, February 07, 2017

M. O. S.

More of the same that is. Liz and the baby are sick with the tummy bug. It is freezing rain outside after a goodly bout of sleet. I dropped my ring in the garbage yesterday (Becky rescued it). The geese fly out. The geese fly in. Sometimes the river teems with them, sometimes it is as barren as a banana peel. Not much new going on, just the slow passing of February days.

The doggies are here to keep complacency at bay, while I await my turn at the plague.

Who's the good doggy?
And, incidentally, who hates the skid steer?


Terry and Linda said...

Flu is ugly, ugly, ugly! I hope everyone is on the mend

Cathy said...

Oh no. The tummy bug. I'm so sorry. Dang. Hope you ducked it and that everyone is feeling better.

threecollie said...

Linda, it's bad this year! The kids have decided that what they had was food poisoning. Liz was really, really sick, but Peggy...thankfully...was better in a couple of hours. Yuck!

Cathy, so far so good. Thanks!