Sunday, February 26, 2017


Photo by Linda Brown. Used with permission

I will probably never see a Sandhill Crane from home, unless I get really lucky on a flyover. I certainly spend enough time looking up....

However, I have lovely friends who live in other areas, who generously let me partake vicariously.

You too can enjoy these magnificent birds.


And Here

And here

And here is a cool video

There you have it. Cranes from Colorado and cranes from Pure Florida. Cranes from all over. It doesn't get any better than that. 


ellie k said...

They can be very agressive if you start feeding them, at least here in my area. My son in law told me there are places where people hunt them and eat them. They don't look like there would be much meat but then people hunt doves as small as they are. Is there a season to hunt them?

Rev. Paul said...

We get a boatload of 'em up here, too. Unfortunately, I no longer live near the protected marsh where they congregate in this part of the coast.

Terry and Linda said...

They are not hunted here. Although, hunters have wondered if they were good eating.

threecollie said...

Ellie, what do you feed them? I know you can hunt them in some states, although I do wonder why anyone would. Here in NY they are very uncommon and cause for excitement.

Rev. Paul, so rare here, but I will keep looking.

Linda, love your video!