Saturday, February 25, 2017



We drove all over half the state today looking at this and looking at that. It was nice almost the whole time. However, Otsego Lake was white capping up a froth and every stream and river was snarling brown and bank full. Returned home to evidence of recent rain and lots of wind. The Christmas tree, which was tied to a bird feeder post for the convenience of the ground birds, had blown over to the swing set and tipped over the chair that is there, which was wedged in the grass, upside down.


However, it was sunny when we drove in and just a little gusty, so I put the pups out for a bit. Suddenly it turned downright black and the wind got up so bad that the boss moved the car away from the trees. When I went out to bring the puppers in out of the wind I was pelted by pods and branches off the Honey Locust and plumb pummeled by the wind.

Wild, wild, weather. I hope all the family that is up west at the farm show is nice if they would fire me a text and all....just sayin'....


Terry and Linda said...

OOOOO! That cloud looked BAD!

threecollie said...

Linda, yesterday was downright bizarre. Not in a good way. We are back to winter today and I am almost glad. You just don't get weather that warm in February without consequences.