Monday, March 27, 2017

Close Encounters of the Corvid Kind

"Do you have anything on the 'I don't have a dollar' menu?"

Or with corvid kind as the case may be.

Everybody loves take-out

However, some things are harder to take out than others

During our bird excursion yesterday we stopped at a new spot, Riverfront Park in Canajoharie. There we saw hoodies, geese, Common Mergansers, Turkey Vultures, Mallards, and some crows.

At one section of the park we came upon this bandit vandal entrepreneurial crow.

Upstate's answer to the bag lady

He was working over a trash receptacle for the McDonald's "goodies" inside, and was waving around a food bag when we arrived.

Although we parked quite close to him, he completely ignored us in his quest to find something tasty among all that paper and cardboard. He had already emptied most of the bin and there were wrappers everywhere.

"I think I dropped my cell phone in here"

When he finally managed to wrestled the last bag, which was nearly as large as he was, plus a few sandwich boxes, onto the ground, he proceeded to tug and shake the bag until the treasure inside was revealed.

We were expecting french fries, or at least an old burger bun, but what he relished the most was a mustard sauce you can see. A lot of work for a condiment if you ask me.....

"What??? I LIKE my mustard with a little texture. And maybe a little plastic lid. Adds fiber dontcha ya know?"


Terry and Linda said...

I loved this whole thing!

Cathy said...

Great pictures. What interesting animals. And according to this article, one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, wish I could remember all of Becky's running commentary as we were watching the thing do its thing. She is a manager at McDonald's and it was hilarious! Much funnier than mine.

Cathy, right place, right time. I couldn't believe that it didn't fly! You could see the intelligence in how it maneuvered the bag and then got inside it for that magical golden treasure. lol

ellie k said...

I put my pet birds cage on the back porch in the morning, when the black birds hear the door they start to gather since I usually put some feed out for them at the same time. If I don't put something out they start screaming at me. Smart birds.

threecollie said...

Ellie, I didn't know you had pet birds! What kind do you have. Sounds like fun having the wild birds come in like that. Ours wait in the trees around the yard for me to come out with the