Saturday, March 04, 2017

Dogtor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Changeable weather and variable dogs in our forecast these days. As Jekyll, Finn looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, ooooohh, pet me, pet me, pet me, but when he is out barking at Ren or challenging House Sparrows...danged Sassenachs duels on the lawn...he gets a whole lot fiercer and scarier.

And as a Border Collie he is bound to be strange, right? Not atall murderous though.

We'll leave that to the weather. Balmy and lovely one day, wind chill below zero and so miserable you can barely bear to go outside at all the next. My heart went out to all those affected by the massive power outages all over the county after the big wind. How awful to have to go to a shelter and leave your pets behind. Hope everyone is back home and warm and dry now!

Alan and I succeeded in an amazing feat yesterday. He needed to go down to his union hall to take care of bidness. I have gone with him a couple of times before and every single time he had to leave me sitting in the Camaro in some ungodly illegal parking place. I always wait in trepidation...when will the city's finest show up and haul me away to the pokey?

Or worse, will they expect me to move the CamCam to a legal parking place? Not that I can't drive standard or anything, but I can barely see over the dash and legal parking places in Queens are about as common as bikinis on Mount Washington. 

I have always feared that Alan would exit union hall to find both his mother and his car gone......lost in the big city.....Kinda like Home Alone.

However yesterday we found a legal parking place in Queens. I feel as if there should be a medal involved or something. His visit was longer than usual, but I didn't worry a bit!

And on a fun note I did bird lists...just little short both the big city and New Jersey. How cool is that?

There are birds in this photo....


Shirley said...

Never a dull moment with border collies!

A. Montgomery said...

Becky came to see us yesterday. Thank you! It didn't get enough sun yesterday to light up. Perhaps it will today. Love, Mom

Jan said...

BC's need to establish authority early.

Terry and Linda said...

I always always love me a border collie! I grew up with one who was my best friend. And then there was Fuzzy!

threecollie said...

Shirley, I despaired of this guy when he was a pup...just didn't seem like a regular BC, but now, he is showing his true colors....a really good fellow.

Mom, it may not be turned on. There is a switch on the bottom. Love you!

Jan, indeed. lol

Linda, they are the best. I was lost without one.