Monday, March 20, 2017

Farming Styles

Breaking a horse to lead. This Percheron was not having any of it
and threw himself down in the road after we passed. After being dragged a little bit by the Belgian pair he got up again right quick.

I expect by the end of this exercise he will know what the halter is all about.
How he got to such an age and size without knowing is another question.

Five horse assortment coming back from spreading manure on a snowy field

Large bales of straw being unloaded, probably for calf and pen bedding, on a large dairy. Nice stuff.
Despite the several freestall barns full of hundreds of cows, there was no smell except that of good quality feed.
There was also a nice pile of fresh sand for cow comfort in the free stalls and lots of cows eating and going about their bovine business.

Different things work for different folks. We went out around town a bit today while waiting for Becky to get out of work. We saw examples of some of the more old-fashioned methods of gettin' er done and passed two of the largest and most modern farms in the area a couple of miles later.

So different and yet alike in some ways as well.


Terry and Linda said...

Nothing better than seeing farmers and farms being worked!

Jan said...

It's good to see the food chain replenished.

Cathy said...

So timeless. Wonderful pictures. Farm life goes on through all the seasons. Wonderful.

threecollie said...

Linda, we sure do live in a farming community!

Jan, lol

Cathy, thanks