Friday, March 24, 2017

Last Year on this Day

Jade was rototilling the asparagus bed while wearing a tee shirt.

At this moment it is frozen under perhaps two feet of icy snow with freezing rain in the forecast.

March is a fickle friend. Or fiend as the case may be. 


joated said...

I'll go with "fiend."

I've still got a couple of inches of snow (3-4) on the lawn and garden. But if I drive down the hill or just a few miles west, there's no snow on the fields at all.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

And now it's snowing again. Yuk! I looked at my blog posts from a year ago, and found photos there of Wood Frogs mating and Coltsfoot blooming, abuzz with bees. Ah well, we know that spring will come. Eventually.

Rev. Paul said...

We still have two feet of densely-compacted snow on the ground, and it will take it's own sweet time about melting.

Jan said...

My birthday is this month and I remember that every weather extreme happened on that day through the years.

Cathy said...

A wonderful post. The pictures are filled with longing for softening earth, but that bright sun reflected in the window holds the promise.

threecollie said...

Joated, it gets above freezing enough here to melt some...but there is still plenty left. It is kind of foggy now, so maybe we will get rid of some today

Jacqueline, yeah, can't complain about the easy winter, but I sure am ready for it to take its show on the road.

Rev. Paul, about what we have with more in some places and less in others. Can't wait to be able to walk in my favorite walking places, but there are drifts in some of them that are far too deep to even think about it.

Jan, happy birthday on whatever day that is and whatever the weather too. lol

Cathy, thanks, I was out counting birds down the driveway when the sun hit the tower and I thought it was kinda cool